Monday, January 27, 2014

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Email received January 27, 2014

Hola familia!

This week was so fun. We went on a ton of divisions all around and it was super fun. I love going on divisions and working with the missionaries. Elder Dickson and I worked really hard to help them be able to use their area book to find new people to teach and in every division that we went on we were able to find whole families that accepted what we were teaching! It was a huge miracle and it was a ton of fun. Elder Dickson is from Ogden, Utah and he just has one more change than I do in the mission. He goes home in June. He is also going to Utah State so we talk about that sometimes. He´s a really good missionary and we compliment each other really well because I tend to think very in the moment and black and white and he looks a lot on bigger scale things and getting there so it´s a really great balance. Luckily we´re both obedient and like to work so we get along great. We went back to the couple that we prayed with but the wife was busy and the guy had changed a little for the worse, but we´ll keep working with them. We had a super cool lesson last night though with a family that has been progressing a lot and are just waiting on a few little things to get baptized and the husband will then get baptized. It was really cool because the wife is a member already and we just baptized the daughter a few weeks ago and anyways last night they said that they were watching some videos about missionary work and they just thanked us so much for helping them really get to know who their Heavenly Father is and for helping them make covenants with Him. It was super cool and they said that we can feel good about our work here and that we didn´t come in vain because we got to help them. It really makes you feel good hearing that. You know that you didn´t really do much, but sometimes it´s hard to keep animated all day when it´s super hot and hard, but the Lord always blesses you if you just keep pushing through it.

So now for the adventure of the week. So right now I´m going off of about three hours of sleep. Today we had a big leadership meeting that my companion and I were in charge of so we were working on that getting it ready for today. We didn´t get everything finished but we had a visit that we had to do si o si last night so we just planned on waking up around 5:30 to get it finished. Well we had been in bed for about a half hour when we got a call from President and apparently two Elders had gotten in a fight and one of them locked the other in the room and peaced on out. So President had my comp and I go to look for him in the airport and make sure he didn´t try and fly home. Meanwhile President and a couple other missionaries went over to the Elder´s house to get his comp and look for him around there. So we were just looking around the airport and such until about 2 in the morning when finally President called and said that we need to rest and that church headquarters was informed and now we just need to go home. The Elder finally showed up to his house around 6:30 in the morning, about an hour after I had woken up to go finish everything up in the office with my comp. Right before the meeting started President looked at us and told us we all look like zombies but the the Lord will sustain us to get through the meeting, haha. The meeting actually turned out just fine and now everything´s taken care of. I really think the big things to avoid problems like this are communication and obedience. I feel like if you´re applying those well then you probably won´t have problems to that caliber. I sure love you guys and I hope you have a great week. Don´t worry about me. I´m healthy and I´m safe and I´m happy.

Con amor,

Elder Zachary J. Hulsey