Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Email received January 13, 2014

Hola familia,

Hey so like I said, I don't know how long I will be able to write for today but just so you know I'm safe and happy. Last week was pretty cool, the Lord blesses us so much. We pretty much couldn't work in our area until Friday, when we had a super cool baptism. This girl named Marcia got baptized and it was super cool. She asked me to confirm her on Sunday and it was actually the first time i confirmed someone so it was pretty neat. Today we had a super fun P-day. We went mountain biking then we went to Burger King, it was super fun.You can check elder Brown's blog for pictures because i think he got some. The driving is going well, I'm learning stick shift just fine, I only stalled once and it was because i thought I was in neutral but i was actually in 4th. It was fine because it was at a red light so it didn't matter. Anyways I'm still loving the mission. I believe the words of President Uchtdorf about hit it right, I'm ''blisfully overwhelmed''. There is always so much to do but it's super fun so I'm loving it. We have been doing a ton of contacting with other missionaries on our divisions and I've been having a blast doing it. I really have a strong testimony of talking with everyone. I got to talk to a guy here in Paraguay that is from Belgium that has lived in Utah for the past some odd years. It was super cool and he knows a lot about the church. I wasn't able to get where he lives but I showed him really well where the church is so i hope he comes by. We also on Sunday had a cool experience. I was sitting in sacrament meeting when i saw this little kid run through the outside gate then a lady follow him in. So then i went out and talked with her and she was super nice.She said her little nephew loves coming and running around the church but she had never entered in before. I invited her in and she followed her nephew into the gym. She stood by the curtain separating the gym and the sacrament room and she looked in but wouldn't enter. Finally her little nephew ran in through the curtain and so we brought her in through the main doors and invited her to sit down in the air conditioning and watch her nephew from there. She actually really liked it and said next week she is going to come back with her sister and participate. the Lord is working great miracles. This week I'm going to see the country and visit some missionaries, it should be pretty fun. Sorry this letter is so short, I will try and write more next week. Just know that I'm safe and I'm happy as could be. Tired as all get out but I've come to really enjoy that super tired feeling knowing that you've put in a good day’s work and you can rest at night. I really love my mission and I really love Paraguay and Spanish and pretty much everything about what I'm doing. My mission is the best. I've gained a huge testimony lately of the Book of Mormon and it's converting power. I love the Lord and know He lives. have a great week and remember i love you all and pray for you all daily.

Con amor,
Elder Zachary J. Hulsey