Monday, November 11, 2013

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Email received November 11, 2013

Hola familia,

Man what a great week. I´ve been so incredibly busy but it´s been super nice being busy because there is always something to do and you never have to stand around trying to figure something out to do. We have been blessed with so many awesome investigators. We had the primary program on sunday and it was a big success (and I still can´t get through that blasted program without shedding at least a tear or two, it always brings out my allergies). It was super cool because the Primary has been helping us with some kids of re-activating members and the kids had parts in the Primary program. It was super cool and we´ve been having a lot of really nice success in the area. It´s been super cool here because like I said we´re busy and a lot of the stuff that we have to do takes place in places outside of our area but the Lord can see that we´re just doing our best and then He really takes care of the rest. I had a lot of really cool experiences this week, Im just going to share a couple of them though because we don´t have too much time. So on Friday I had an interview with President Mcmullin and it was pretty sweet. So he´s notorious for scheduling 15 minute interviews then having them end after a half hour. So everyone before me had been interviewed for quite a while so I was expecting that he´d have a lot to tell me once I got in there, but it was actually kinda just a Shiblon experience. I got in and said the prayer and he asked me how I was doing and really before I could answer he told me he already knew how I was doing. He said I´ve got that twinkle in my eye that I have found my nitch and am just loving the mission. He said I just look like I´m super happy and having the time of my life. I told him he got that about right. Then he talked for about a minute just how it feels super good knowing that you´re doing all you can and being able to see the results from it because that doesn´t always happen. Then he said if there´s nothing else we´ll end with a prayer. All in all it lasted about 3 minutes max but coming out of that interview I felt so good. I felt like Shiblon and before I always imagined that he felt bad that his dad didn´t take too much time talking to him and counseling him but then I realized that it actually feels really good knowing that people don´t have to worry about you and that they can trust you to just work hard. One other kinda funny story that happened just today actually was I was waiting for a bus and I had a 2000 guaraní bill in my hand (that´s how much bus fare is) and this guy came up to me and he was obviously pretty fried and he was just saying "money money money" and getting in everyones faces. I told him I didn´t have any to give him so he grabbed the bill that was in my hand and tried taking it from me but I was still holding it and I was asking him to let go because I needed my bus-fare. Well we continued playing tug-a-war for a little when finally with his other hand he pulled out a little card with the virgin mary on it and flashed it to me. Inside it made me chuckle but I held it in. You´ve got to understand that this guy was really out of it and didn´t actually cause any threat so that ´s why I wasn´t afraid to try and keep my money, plus I really needed my bus fare. So finally I just told him that I would give him some coins and he let go of my money. But as I handed him the coins I thought it would also be a good idea to teach him the greater life lesson so I told him that that wasn´t the most effective way to ask for money. Then he took my coins and ran off. haha it was pretty funny. The many things that happen down here that just make you laugh. So this week I also feel like I´ve received pretty clear revelation that I should go to Utah State when I get home, so I´m pretty much decided on that now. It´s kinda like the same way I felt about Snow the year before i left home. I still have no idea what I want to study but those are just details that work themselves out. but as far as the support goes out here mom I´m actually not allowed to chat back and forth so it´s fine. I don´t like receiving too many packages because I can actually find most things here that I really need so it´s fine. One thing I would like just a little more of are pictures that you guys could send to me. I really like seeing pictures and you can just send those through email if you´d like. If you don´t have any start taking them. But life is good out here for your little paraguayíto. We´ve got Elder Christofferson coming tomorrow so that should be super fun and I´m way pumped. Pray for me and my investigators, I think I´ve really been under-utilizing the power of prayer these last few months of my mission. I hope you have a great week.

Con amor,
Elder Hulsey