Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Email received October 21, 2013

Hola apreciada familia,

I sure love you guys and hope your day is going awesome! I´ve had a pretty nice week. We had a super cool baptism on Saturday for this 20 year old guy named Wilson. He was so prepared and we didn´t really have to do anything. He was also a reference from our branch president and we got to teach him with some youth from the branch and one of them even baptized him so it was just a super nice service. Probably the most successful one in my mission. I was so scared the whole day because nothing was going wrong and something always goes wrong but in the end nothing did. He showed up the next day and was confirmed without any problems, Success! I´ve really had to refine my planning abilities and time management because there are a lot of things to do each day but I feel like that´s one of the reasons I´m at where I´m at right now because the Lord knew I really needed to learn these things. But as I manage my time well there´s plenty of time to work hard and have a great time doing it. In some ways I feel like I haven´t changed at all on my mission and that I´m still just the same zack (that´s weird typing my first name like that. The only time I ever use my first name is on official things where I have to write out Zachary) but at the same time I feel like I´ve learned so much better how to work hard, be obedient, and also be a human that makes mistakes. I struggled a lot with that before the mission and I feel like that´s why I was always so stressed and couldn´t make decisions but lately I´ve had to make a lot of decisions and I´ve learned how to do that a lot easier without all of the unnecessary stress. Right now in my mission I feel super blessed because I feel like I´ve got a handle on things and that I don´t really have to many problems weighing me down. I´ve been able to focus a lot better and the language hasn´t been an issue and I really haven´t felt homesick my entire misión I feel like so I´m super blessed. I feel like the Lord is blessing me without any big problems right now so that I can better help others without having to worry about myself so much. Elder Beus is such an amazing missionary and he´s got so much on his plate so I´m super glad that I´ve been able to learn better how to minister with him. I´ve still got so much to learn but I feel like I´ve learned so much about that. A new theme of mine that has been causing me to think a lot lately is when the Savior says, "He that will be mighty among you let him be your servant". That has really stuck out to me and I feel like I didn´t really understand that before. Just what is the point of a leader. I´m learning so much and if nothing else it´s really been motivating me to work super hard. I´m super pumped because they told us today that Elder D. Todd Christofferson from the quorum of the doce apóstoles is coming down here to Paraguay for a dual mission conference here in Moroni (that´s the area right above mine so super close) in a few weeks! I get to see another apostle and I don´t even have to travel that far to do it!

So as far as operation smile goes we just got to move all of their equipment into a truck to bring it to the south mission, but I think they´re still going to give us T-shirts for doing that because we get to do it again in a week so totally worth it to me(you know me, I love free t-shirts). Today we did a way cool zone activity in the temple. We got to go in and clean it and it was super cool because we got to go see all of the innerworkings of temple. Some of us almost made it all the way up to the Angel Moroni (the guy giving us the special tour got an emergency phone call right when we got to the ladder that leads up to it so we had to go) but it was super sweet. I got to clean the baptismal font and it felt really weird hanging out in water for that long but it was a blast. The spirit is still so strong in the temple even when your cleaning it, I really enjoyed the experience. We have a super cool family home evening planned for tonight with a recent convert family that has invited another family over to hear the gospel, I love missionary work! We also contacted the family that owns the cyber we usually use and they totally denied us but this morning when we went in so I could send some things to the office via email and after the lady asked when we were coming back because she wants to share with us ya. Miracle are happening all of the time, it´s super cool to be a part of them. I hope you have a rockin week.

Un abrazo
Elder Zachary J. Hulsey