Monday, December 2, 2013

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Email received December 2, 2013

Hola familia! Como están todos? This week was pretty fun and pretty great. It rained so hard for pretty much the whole week except for a few hours Sunday morning so that people could easily make it to church, it was quite the miracle. It was actually pretty funny because all of the electricity went out and it`s pretty much been out since. We got half of our electricity back in our house but actually right as I was typing this email the power cut out again. I`m finishing this email now about 4 hours later. We`ve been doing tons of service trying to clean everything up because the storms have been pretty big. We`ve been cleaning up trees that have fallen over and everything. We actually were on our way over to the cyber when we found a guy trying to cut up a huge tree (with a hatchet and machete) so we helped him clean up his yard for about an hour and a half. It was pretty cool though because it really helped soften their hearts and the family was asking us tons of questions about the church and they committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon so tranquilo. I`m super glad hermana cristaldo wrote you mom, that makes me super happy. I`m also pretty glad Brother Harris is coming down this week because justamente I have to go to the mission office this Thursday so maybe I`ll be able to find him there. We have Elder Zeballos from the area presidency I believe coming to talk with us so that should be super fun. The area is great and I am incredibly safe and happy. It`s definitely been tough trying to get everything figured out but I like hard things because they help me learn to rely more on the Lord. We had some really tough days this week but the Lord blessed us so much that it was all worth it. On Saturday we didn`t get in to anything all day and all of our appointments fell but I knew that if I prayed and kept at it that at some point the things would turn around and they totally did! We finally got into a lesson and they were liking it so much that they said they really want to come to church and learn more because they love what we were teaching. They also presented us to some more of their famlies so it was a great experience. Then I ran into a family from my last area and they were visiting some non-member family members in my new area and it they presented us to them and we had a miraculous visit. The Lord is continuing to soften the hearts of the people here in Mariano Roque Alonso as well and I`m super glad about it. I`m sorry but I have no time to write so I`ll try to write more next week.

Con muchísimo amor,
Elder Zachary J. Hulsey