Friday, October 11, 2013

Email received October 7, 2013

Hola familia,

So this week was pretty fun and pretty crazy. First off we got changes today and me and Elder Beus are staying together here in Trinidad, but I have been called as zone leader now. So today I had a big meeting with President and all of the zone leaders in the mission and it was super amazing. The problem is that due to that meeting I have like no more time in the cyber, so once again this weeks letter is not going to be that great. But I really loved general conference, it was cool watching it in Spanish but you don´t get to hear all of the funny jokes they always tell. We`ll download it in English. My favorite talk I think was Elder Russell M. Nelson´s at the end and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf´s when he talked about how our church requires a lot of time. I really liked that because I realized that true religion should require consecration and that being a member of this church isn´t just being a member of something that you do once a week but rather a way of life. It´s a way to direct your life and live the right way. I also really liked Elder Nelson´s because I like how he talked about controlling our bodies. It´s really hard to eat healthy here in Paraguay but it is important so I will do my best. I really am loving my mission. I´m currently with my MTC comp who also went up as Zone Leader too and he gets to hang out here for a few days so it´s been super fun. I will write you better next week (I hope) and have a great week.

Con amor,
Elder Zachary J. Hulsey