Monday, June 17, 2013

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Email received June 17, 2013

Hola familia!

Hey everybody hows life¿ (that´s the best you're getting for a question mark). I really love Paraguay and life down here in the mission. Miracles are happening and things are awesome. It was a pretty busy day today so I don´t have hardly any time to write anything great, but just know that I´m safe, I´m healthy, and I´m happier than ever. That´s so funny that Spencer is having clothes problems because I remember thinking the same things. Then in the MTC I still had a hard time with my clothes because the MTC in Provo at least is a big fashion show, but then I got here in the field and it doesn´t even matter anymore. All of my shirts are slowly turning yellow, but they´re still holding up great. All of my pants are getting nice and worn at the knees but they too are holding up wonderfully, and my ties are just getting hammered, haha. Now it doesn´t matter at all to me because my clothes are still working great for me and at least here and at this point in my mission that´s all that really matters to me.

I´m super glad Emma got a job. I was praying for her too. Taco Amigo es lo mejor! Tell her if she ever runs into Mitch Vance to tell him Elder Hulsey says hi. He was the assistant when I got here and he helped me a ton, he also told me that he frequents Taco Amigo because it truly is the best. Well one super cool thing that happened this week is we were having a sorta rough day but then we entered into a lesson and from there the day just turned around and was awesome. Anyways one cool part of this lesson is that we were explaining the priesthood authority and the guy stopped me and said hold on, are you telling me that the Pope doesn't have authority from Christ. I thought about talking around it but decided to be direct and honest and I told him if our message is true than no he doesn't. He said to me do you realize that that would mean that over half the world is wrong and deceived. I told him yeah and that´s why this message is so important for the whole world to hear. He told me that sounds like a challenge, and that he really likes challenges and wants to learn more and see if this is really true. It was a super powerful and impactful moment to me just knowing that this message is true and not having to be afraid to tell it to anyone. I've really learned a lot that the promises of the Lord really do get fulfilled and that this really is the Only true church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I've always had that testimony, now it´s just even stronger and firmly rooted. I love serving as a missionary because the person that benefits the very most from missionary service is the missionary, and that´s totally okay. Have an amazing week this week!

con amor,
Elder Zachary J. Hulsey