Monday, May 13, 2013

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Email received May 13, 2013

Hola familia,
¿How are you all doing? It was nice talking to you guys on Saturday but I feel bad because I didn´t really know what to say. But we got really lucky because right after I finished talking with you guys a whole swarm of missionaries came to the cyber and all of the computers were breaking down, similar to what happened to us at Christmas. So Mom I was thinking about things I would want in a package (I still don´t think it´s necessary to send one every month) and a few things that I would like are soul inserts for my shoes (my shoes are holding up great but the inserts are wearing down), Peanut butter cups are always good also those marshmallow santas from Christmas time (I think they have them for other holidays too, otherwise don´t worry about it) and other candies like that are good. They also don´t have ranch or great peanut butter here, but I really don´t need too much food or candy. Also some deodorant would be nice (they have it here but it´s pretty weird and expensive, I just like the sticks a lot) and I love pictures of everyone and what you guys are doing and all (I still really want a picture of my Paraguayan flag hung up next to Spencer´s DR flag). But really I´m doing well here and at the moment I don´t need anything, these are just ideas is all.

So yesterday was a pretty crazy day and it seemed like everything was working against us in the morning. It started raining cats and dogs (by the way I learned that saying doesn´t make any sense to people in Spanish) and Paraguayans don´t leave the house in the rain (we had a whole 17 people in attendance at church on Sunday) and that made it hard because we have some investigators so close to baptism, they just need to come to church a few more times. So we went out and hiked through the mud and water to get to our investigators house to help them get to church and the member that they live with told us she wouldn´t go because of the rain. We wanted to bring Diego to church so he could get baptized on Saturday but we can´t bring him alone because he´s only 10. Anyways we finally were able to arrange for another adult (an investigator) to come with us so we weren´t in charge of the kids. We then had to wait an hour and a half for a bus (they supposedly pass by every 30 minutes on Sundays) in the rain and we made it to the end of the second hour of church. I was getting a little frustrated waiting but in the end we had 3 investigators in church in the rain and one of them, Diego, can now get baptized on Saturday, and the others the week after! Elder Williamson and I were talking and we realized it was a trial of our faith and the faith of our investigators and that all of the stressing and things doesn´t help. It´s humbling because you realize that you really can´t do anything but pray and rely on the Lord, but it´s also pretty nice that we don´t have to stress about the whole world, we just have to do what we´re asked and the Lord takes care.
Well seeing as we just talked I don´t have too much more to say, other than I love you a whole lot. Maren is the best letter writer, Adam is the best at getting things into the packages (I really loved the card he sent me of the dalmatian bunnies and I use the calender daily) and Spencer is the best at getting me emails (all of these are out of the kids of course). Eli and Caleb have good excuses seeing as they are little, Emma´s second best at getting me dearelders and Megan is a close 3rd (you guys need to step up your game a little. Haha I´m just kidding) In reality I love you guys all so much and you are all super awesome and supportive. I really do feel your prayers for me. I had a really cool experience with that in my first area. It was one morning during personal study and I was the only one awake studying and I felt so sad and so lonely. I started praying and all of the sudden I just got this super overwhelming feeling of love and I knew that at that very moment Mom was praying for me. I can´t explain how I knew I just did and I started to cry because I just felt so loved and supported and even though I´m not sad or lonely anymore, I can still remember and feel your love and support, especially through prayers. and it really does help a lot. Have an awesome week and we´ll be talking again in just about 7 months I think.

Con Amor,
Elder Hulsey

Hey these are just some cool pictures I was sent by my zone leader I thought you would like seeing as you´ve given over your sons to the Lamanites, Haha