Monday, April 29, 2013

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Email received April 29, 2013

Hola familia,

Como están todos! Alright so I don´t have too much time because I had to go to Asunción today and sign into the country (what a drag, but it was actually a lot of fun), and it´s a little late, but I´ll try to get a decent letter in igual. It was fun going to Asunción though and I got to see Elder Morinigo again which was super fun. He´s doing well and it was really cool getting to catch up with him and everyone that got here with me. Alright so Travis Maddox, I got your dearelder and it meant a lot to me, thanks and honestly don´t worry about the language. Being in a country where you´re forced to speak it makes you learn it. Just study during the language study time, be obedient so you have the Spirit, and love the people and you´ll do great. Also there´s an Elder in my zone from the Mendoza mission so I´ve been hounding him for information. He told me that it´s in a valley and that the members are awesome. It´s really well developed but it still has a few small villages. He said you are going to put on tons of weight because the members feed you tons of steak. I didn´t really know what you wanted me to ask him so just send me a list of questions and I´ll gladly get you all of the info I can. Get your visa stuff turned in as soon as possible because the sooner you get it turned in, the less time you´ll spend waiting for your visa in the Salt Lake mission (the two guys from my district in the MTC in your mission now had to wait a few months in Salt Lake). So also my package came this week, I haven´t opened it but it´s at my house. Elder Williamson and I are together another change and I´m happy about that. I´m the only comp that he´s been three changes with and this is the longest time he´s been in an area so that made me feel a little better that maybe I´m getting a little easier to get along with. So If you guys could tell all of my friends to feel free to email me that would be great, because I have two hours to email (unless I have to go to Asunción unexpectedly again). So Spencer there is also a kid in my zone (Elder Zilm, he´s sitting right next to me right now) and his brother is in your mission right now. I can pump him for whatever info you want and I will let you know, he´s also going to forward you some pics. So today I also ate lunch with Elder Osborne (Uncle Rick´s companion´s son). He´s a super friendly guy (and really tall too). He´s out in Luque right now. So for mother´s day I will be skyping home (that works out best for me) and I will be doing it on the Saturday before. I have to talk with Elder Williamson first (I´m currently on a division so I can´t ask him right now) about the time but I´ll let you know next week. Just plan for Saturday probably some time in the morning for you guys.
So this week was pretty dang awesome! Diego is progressing very well but he couldn´t come to church this week because his grandma got sick and couldn´t take him. Sebastiana wasn´t able to either but we´ll see why soon. I had a couple of really neat experiences this week. So one is that I realized even more how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Elder Williamson and I have been trying to work as hard as we can and be completely obedient. We also fasted for a miracle on Sunday but we didn´t have a single investigator in church. However a miracle did indeed happen on Sunday. Randomly the area president, President Giovani, decided to come and attend our sacrament meeting! He gave such a great talk and I received tons of amazing revelation about how to improve the area, but además, he went and really explained to the bishop how it´s the members job to fill our planner with meaningful activities (we´ve been having a hard time getting members excited about the work) so now I believe it will be a lot better working with the members because that´s really the key to success.
The other really cool experience happened in this contact this week. We got this reference from a member for this crazy lady that we had taught once (she was really crazy). We decided that we would contact it again anyways so that we could build the members´confidence in us. We clapped in front of the gate and this girl that we hadn´t met before came out. She looked like she had been crying and that she was having a really hard time. She told us that she didn´t have time and to go away basically. I could tell that she needed some serious spiritual help but everything we were trying to say she was just saying how busy she was and to leave. Finally I prayed to know what to say and I told her that we didn´t want to take any of her time or force her to do anything, we just are here to offer more peace. She then said that that´s exactly what she needs right now, peace. My comp asked her if she had ever prayed to ask for peace and she confessed that she hadn´t. She still wasn´t letting us in but she was at least talking with us. We offered to teach her how to pray but she wasn´t having any of it. We told her we would try to come back another time, but then I felt really impressed to ask her if we could pray right there with her. She said it would be okay and my comp asked if we could enter the gate to do it. She let us in and even said we could share a scripture! I knew exactly what scripture to share with her (the last verse in John 16 I think it was) and she opened up and told us all sorts of things in her life. She really wants to change and she said church last week would be impossible but this week she really wants to. We also set up a return appointment for tonight! It was such a cool experience because it was totally guided by the Spirit. I love when the Spirit speaks so clear to you and you just know how the Lord wants to help this person. It´s super important that we are always listening to the Spirit and worthy of it so that he can always be with us and trust us to follow his promptings. I hope you guys have an awesome week and that you work hard in all you do. I think I´ve probably sent this quote home like a hundred times but it´s one of my all time favorites "Do your duty that is best, leave unto the Lord the rest" (I don´t know if President Monson was quoting someone else when he said that, but I know that he´s said it). I love you all sooooo much and I can´t wait to talk with you in a few weeks.

Con amor,
Elder Zachary J. Hulsey (I guess I´d better start getting in the habbit of signing off like that seeing as there will be two of us Elder Hulsey´s here dentro de poco)