Monday, February 18, 2013

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Email received February 18, 2013

Hola Familia!

Hows life back in the good E.E.U.U. (for some reason that´s the abbreviation for USA here in Paraguay, these people are crazy but I love them). I´m so pumped for Caleb Reber. Él va a disfrutar la misión muchísimo y díganle que no hay por qué preocuparse por la idioma, es muy fácil. San Bernardino High Football Rules (a little Bill and Teds for you). So this week was pretty crazy. I got changed out of good´ol Marambure. They did something a little funny too. We were 4 Elders in Marambure, Elder Morinigo and I were Marambure B and the other ones were obviously A. I can´t speak for A but Elder Morinigo and I had about 5 investigators that are planning on getting baptized this week and the next, but they combined Marambure A and B and pulled Elder Morinigo and me out. They also pulled out one of the Elders from A. I have a feeling that President wants to put sisters in Marambure again but this time with Elders as well, but the Elders have to find a new house because obviously the hermanas and elders can´t live together, and I think that he´ll want to put hermanas in as soon as they find a house so that´s why he just went ahead and pulled us now. But luckily I had done a lot of studying in Preach My Gospel about how to use the Area Book so I had been keeping that pretty well so the Elders that are there now should be able to pick up and go pretty easily. But it was pretty sad to leave, I really loved Marambure and the people that I met there. But I hadn´t realized how big I am, we took pictures with all of the people that we became close to during the last couple of months and feel like I tower over them in the pictures. It´s pretty weird being on the taller end of things for once. Caleb Reber is going to tower over la gente de su misión.

So my new area is called Piro´y (it´s Guaraní so it´s pronounced piro (like in Spanish) then its a hard break and the y in guaraní makes like a grunt to u (like in the word you) sound, I still can´t say it very well). Cayden Brown was actually in this area right before he came into my old zone so I´m sure he´s got pictures of it on his blog. My new companion is named Elder Williamson. He´s super funny and obedient and loves to work hard. He´s hitting his year mark this Friday and he´s lost like 70 pounds in the mission! He looks like a completely different person. Like I said, funny kid. He´s from Florida and he´s the youngest of 2 kids (so he has one older brother). We both study the language everyday for an hour. I still speak with a total gringo accent and there are still things that I have to get creative in the way I say because I don´t know a certain word, but at this point I can at least talk my way around everything I need to.
When I got in my new area, I quickly learned that we didn´t really have any investigators. But luckily I opened my last area so I know how to find investigators. We started out doing contacts and I remember what President Madariaga had told me about doing contacts to show our faith in the Lord. So we were doing contacts and we found this one blind guy that told us he´s the oldest mormon in Paraguay but that he never got baptized (he was a little crazy but a quality guy). But then on Thursday it was raining super hard all day (the mail shoe held up pretty good, I still got drenched but for most of the day my feet stayed pretty dry), then on Saturday I got up at 6:30 to start my day, and I was so dizzy I almost threw up. I felt super clammy and I had a fever (pretty much how I feel after I get a flu shot). We couldn´t leave that day. The adversary was really working against us but we still worked hard and got our contacts in. Sunday wasn´t looking too promising for investigators in church but we prayed and went and a member family had brought this guy who's 18 that just moved in with them to church. We also received a referral from a member. After church we went and talked with them and both of the lessons were super powerful. We got blessed with some great investigators and I know it´s because we´re doing our best to be obedient and work hard. The Lord blesses us when we do all that we can do. I love you guys so much, I have a whole lot more I want to say but it´ll have to wait until next week. I also want to write to Spencer but I have no time this week, just tell him that Choir tour junior year was 100 times better than senior year.

Con Amor,
Elder Hulsey